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An homage to the image on p18 of the Advanced Dungeons & Dragons Player’s Handbook (1st Ed.) by Jenny Hellström

I am currently developing an in-depth 1st Edition Advanced Dungeons & Dragons character generator. If you would like to support this project and keep up-to-date with progress, then please follow along on social media and/or sign up for the newsletter (this will only be used to inform you of progress here at thepigfacedorc.com!).

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How can you support this project?

At the moment, the best thing you can do is to follow the project on social media, sign-up to the newsletter, and please share it with your friends and playing group! I’m happy to provide this content for free, but I’d like to know people are interested in using it!


Why are you building this?

Two reasons:

  • to give an easy introduction to 1E AD&D for new players.
  • to provide easy-to-create, customized character sheets that make it easy to play by the rules.

The original purpose of this application was to allow for my own players, all of who are new to 1st Edition AD&D to be able to quickly and easily create characters without having to have an in-depth knowledge of the rules. Gygaxian can be hard to decipher even for people who have been playing for thirty years and I didn’t want this to be off-putting for them! Of course it didn’t take long to realize that there are probably plenty of other groups out there that could use such an application.

The second reason is to provide neat, thorough character sheets that put all the relevant rules and pre-calculated numbers right in front of the player, along with page references and explanatory text. Again, this is all about making 1E AD&D easy to play by the rules, especially for new players.

Version 1.0 features

  • All the rules, caveats and edge-cases of 1st Edition character creation made easy.
  • Does all the calculations for you.
  • Stunning, original old-school inspired character art by Jenny Hellström.
  • Creates a character-sheet formatted for printing.
  • Fields that are changeable (e.g. hit-points) are printed in light grey to enable you to easily write over them during game sessions.
  • Provides explanatory text & page-references, both during character creation and on the finished character sheet.
  • Dice can be rolled with the click of a mouse, or roll real dice with your DM and enter the values into the fields provided.

Future Features

  • Insert your own house-rules!
  • Unearthed Arcana rules.
  • Quick & easy NPC creation.
  • Ability to log-in and manage a stable of characters.
  • Share your character sheets with your DM.
  • A DM section where users can log in and manage their players.
  • Create your own character portrait online!
  • Customizable classes & races.
  • Online character-sheets for use during play sessions. Calculations (e.g. encumbrance, speed, to-hit tables) will all be automatically updated whenever you change anything!

Important! If this sounds good to you, please make sure you sign up to the newsletter and follow on social media! At this moment in time that is the only and best thing you can do to support this project!

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